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the travel diaries: A M S T E R D A M ❤️


Last month, Chris and myself took a little trip to Amsterdam which was a pretty cool place to go, for our first little holiday together. If you want to know what we got up to whilst we were there, keep on reading!

We arrived on Tuesday evening at 9:20pm and we flew into Schipol airport. We did infact book this holiday through Wowcher and although you get a good deal at a good price, the flight times and the airport choices aren't guaranteed as they can only allow you to spend something like a minimum of forty hours in your chosen destination. Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely little trip - but we both wished we could have gone for longer. We ended up flying from Southend Airport which was quite nice as we had been to Southend previously on Easter bank hol weekend so we knew the area (kind of) and it was the worlds smallest airport which was great considering I was feeling really anxious the night before about the whole airport and the flight and about packing my suitcase - which isn't really much to be worrying about like my family and Chris were telling me. ✈️

We got a taxi to our hotel which was the Best Western Blue Square and it was a really lovely hotel, but it was about €40 from the airport, which was fine because we did kind of expect to be paying that much - but if we had an earlier flight we could have gotten the bus or the tram which would have been much cheaper. The room was clean which is always a good thing but there was nothing special about it other than that it was a double bed rather than two singles. The lady on reception was very lovely and helped us with maps and where the nearest tram stop was and what trams that would take us into the centre. 

On the first night we checked in, dropped our bags and were basically straight back out, to catch a tram into the centre. The very first place we went was Burger King - and when you're on Slimming World, like me, you've wasted two days worth of syns... but I was on holiday so it doesn't count - because we were starving, having eaten lunch in the car and then a Nando's about 3 o'clock. Then we wandered the streets of Amsterdam until we stumbled across the Red Light District and that was definitely something different.
From L-R: Airplane selfie, 'English' breakfast, Sex Mesuem ft Converse, One of the many canals in Amsterdam

When people say there the girls are like mannequins in shop windows - they're not lying. We walked around and saw all of the women and we saw a few clubs showing sex shows, and both Chris and I decided that this was something that we wanted to do just because when in Amsterdam. So we paid €35 to watch one of the shows - and they were weird but it was a rather, enlightening experience shall we say haha?!

I won't go into detail with them, but if you're in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend it just for the experience and the lols and the ohmygod what are we watching? We watched about 3 acts, and then decided at half 1 in the morning, it was probably time to go back to the hotel, so we got a snack from one of the many snack bars that are dotted around and got a taxi back which was around €25.

The next day we woke up quite late, but were out of the hotel by about half 11. We did say we wanted to get up early but I think we were both quite tired and wanted a little bit of lay in haha!

We went into the centre again in search of some breakfast and we found a bar/restaurant that sold an English breakfast and headed in there. It wasn't a proper one but I suppose you can only get those over here! We then headed over to the Sex Museum which was again an experience that was full of so many giggles  and it was only €4 entry, which was quite reasonable and there was definitely alot to look at!

From L-R: A very pretty building in the centre, a very wet selfie by the canal, the Iamsterdam sign selfie ft the Rijksmuseum, aaand D is for Danielle

After that we went back to the Red Light District and I'm not entirely sure we were in the same place, it all looked so different and there was no signs or anything to say where we were - so probs were in wrong place aha! (although Chris is convinced he knew where we were) so would recommend doing that in the day time as well to see the difference and how well it's covered up - although when we got back Chris' cousin said that there were some in the day but unfortunately we didn't see any of those so maybe we could have done a little more exploring, but when we were at the RLD it started to rain which was annoying as it had been sunny up until then, wah! 😭☔️

We did the whole coffee shop experience, and Chris ate most of the space cake we were sharing, and I would recommend only one of you doing it at a time if you're only there for a short period as if I had had one aswell we both would have been too high to have any sort of direction or urgency (which Chris didn't have after about an hour of eating the cake!)

We walked down to Anne Frank's House but unfortunately that was closed on the Wednesday which was our only full day in Amsterdam which was a bit annoying but that was something I really wanted to do - guess we'll have to go back!

Then we got the tram to see the Iamsterdam sign near the Rijksmuseum after we had a pizza between us, and a few calorie high snacks (waffle for Chris, giant cookie for me), and the sign was pretty cool, although quite busy and full of tourists (us being two of them). Then we went back to the hotel and got some more chocolate, I was reading a book, Chris was watching Youtube videos and then we both fell asleep - so much for a wild time in Amsterdam haha!

The next morning was Thursday and we were flying at 9:55am so got a taxi at half seven in the morning, had breakfast at the airport and then flew home. The flight time was amazing, we were in the air for a total of 35 minutes and for someone like me who doesn't really like flying it was amazing!

Overall I really enjoyed Amsterdam, but I wish it was for longer, and next time I wouldn't go through Wowcher and would book it directly myself - it was definitely an experience that I won't be forgetting anytime soon, and it certainly is different from living here... and oh, there's so many bikes!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Amsterdam and I've sold it to you well!
I know this post is late as I actually went to Amsterdam over a month ago, but never mind haha!

Love, Danielle ♡
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