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I hope that everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve! I spent mine at Chris' house with Chris, his mum, dad  grandad and brother, and we just ordered a Chinese, watched Star Wars (it wasn't my choice, and if I could have I 100% would have put HP on!) we swapped beer/spirits/prosecco for cups of tea, I had a basically what could have been described as a mountain of shortbread biscuits and chocolate - because it's not like I've eaten enough of them over Christmas! And I throughly enjoyed it, it was almost like going out... kind of but not really. But it was better because there was loads of biscuits and choc actually involved, and there wasn't even a need to dress up, lovely.

We snuggled up on the sofa watching TV until midnight, then we watched about five minutes of the fireworks and then went to bed because Chris and I were both tired. We spent half of New Year's Day in bed cuddled up under the duvet, because we both didn't want to get up, I know  it sounds like we're quite lazy but we're not actually haha! New Year's Day is supposed to spent in bed, dossing around until you decide that it might just be time to get up and enjoy the New Year. I've done the same ever since I was little and I can't see that changing much in the future. I ♥ Bed. Eventually we decided that it was time to get up and surfaced at about 12 and started getting ready to go out for lunch with Chris' family and then we spent the evening with my family, with the fire burning and Chris watched Sherlock whilst I did some colouring, in my new adult colouring book, get me! (still not really an adult thing though is it? colouring?) And it was great, it was a lot better than going out because we both agreed that NYE is slightly overrated, and it was raining and Christmas had slightly broken the bank... so we saw the New Year in, on the sofa in our pyjamas. Aand we didn't wake up with a massive raging hangover the next day, bonus!

I've seen a lot of posts on Twitter and Facebook about the whole #newyearnewme cliche, and I just wanted to share some things that I want to do in 2016. I don't want to do the whole #newme thing because let's be honest that never really happens past the first couple of days of January and I can assure you that the #currentme won't be giving up chocolate anytime soon.

1. Travel More 🌍

Last year saw me and Chris go on our first adventure to Amsterdam, and we both went to London together for the first time (we'd been to London before - just not together), I also went to Berlin with my sister Abi, and we went to London twice (once in August to see Wicked and then once in December for Winter Wonderland). I've also visited more places in England, 'cause me and Chris went to Bedford and Stratford-Upon-Avon so that totally counts. I just get such a huge helping of motivation and inspiration when I visit new places, it's kind of strange, but I find it refreshing. So more places to go please 2016.

2. Slimming World πŸ₯‘

As some of you may know I currently am doing Slimming World (well I haven't been doing it properly over Christmas and that's okay because you know, chocolates) and I would really like to put more effort into doing it, because it's super easy and you can still eat lots of yummy food and it honestly really works for me when it comes to losing weight because I've done it before back in 2010. So many people when they've found out that I'm doing Slimming World have said 'But you don't need to lose weight/There's nothing on you' etc, but I can't make it clear enough that I am doing this for myself because it's really important to feel healthy in your body and at the minute I don't, so I'd really like to put 100% effort into eating properly next year. And also Bridget Jones style pants have a lot to speak for! ;)

3. The Gym πŸ‹πŸΌ‍♀️

Okay, so I know this is a really cliche one and I'm sorry but it's pretty self-explainatary and it goes quite nicely with Number 2. And where I currently work there's a gym downstairs and it's basically free, so I don't have any excuse, because like I said, I want to get healthier and fitter and it will really help when it comes to giving deep tissue massages if I have good upper body strength... which I currently don't haha!

4. Experiment with Make-Up πŸ’„

At the minute, I stick to what I know, brands I like, and looks that I know work well on me. But this year I really want to experiment more with make-up, try new brands, new products and new looks. And I'd also love to start doing make-up on other people properly (I'm 100% sure that Abi doesn't count cause she's my sister!), and I'd really like to showcase my work on my blog. Make-up is something that I'm really passionate about and this year it's time to make it into a proper passion. Hello more make-up, Goodbye my wages... haha kidding. Drugstore make-up is something I'd like to try more of to, because it's affordable and you can find some pretty good dupes and all that.

5. Focus on being happy 🌻

This year I really want to focus on being happy and by doing this will mean I do more things that make me happy. Like spending time with family, going to the cinema, having date nights with Chris, seeing my friends more often, not worrying over the tiniest little things that totally bring my mood down. I just want 2016 to be known for a happy year, and I'm determined to make sure that I am happy and everyone else around me is happy.

6. Start saving money πŸ’°

Eventually at some point I would love to move out, and appaz you can't do this unless you have like a million trillion £££ in the bank. I actually saw that Hannah Gale had done a post similiar(read it here) and this was one of her goals, but it did make me think that yeah, I could actually do with having that as one of my goals/things I want to do. I really can't wait to have my own place, that I can call mine... or you know, ours if I move in with someone else. So I'm not getting my hopes up when it comes to moving out this year because that might not happen, but I will start saving up and then I can move out before I'm 30? Or not...

7. Make time for friends πŸ‘―

I need to make more time for friends. I see my best friends, regularly... eh kind of... but that could be improved. I'd love to make more time to meet up with friends I haven't seen in ages, people that I used to study Media with, college girls that I don't speak to as often as I should and even some school friends that I've lost touch with because this year it'll be 4 years since I left school, bloody crazy. So more seeing friends, nights out, more meals out, more parties and more trips please (cause most of my friends from Media are at uni now *sob*).

8. Better Haircare πŸ’‡πŸΌ

I do literally zero things with my hair, aside from straightening it when I'm not working and when I am working it's either pulled up into a high pony or slung into a messy bun. I would love to have better haircare and becoming better at doing all of the cool braided styles. Those Youtube vids make it look some bloomin' easy, and doing a dutch braid on yourself is just not, especially not me. Also I want to start doing hair masks, because my hair is in such a bad condition and I would quite like to get it cut and coloured, so if you can recommend any good hair masks or a good hairdresser in Northampton, it would be much appreciated! :)

9. More Writing πŸ“

I love writing, although it's something that has been pushed to side because of life, work, boyfriend, friends, and basically everything. And this one really links to Number 5 because writing makes me happy and it's something I'm determined to do more of, and hey I might have a novel published before I'm 40, but until then I'm just on Wattpad and if you're on it to you can follow me HERE. Thanks in advance, and who knows maybe I'll put some of my writing on the blog, because who else would I want to share it with?

I think that's about it for 2016, do you have any things that you want to achieve in 2016?
Here's to a happy, healthy, full of fun and maybe sunshine (probs not tho) twenty sixteen.

Love, Danielle ♡
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