Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Fear of Blogging

I've bloody gone and caught it haven't I?
The fear of blogging. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of unorignal content. The fear of crappy pictures. The fear of not being accepted into the blogging community (which is full of bloomin' lovely people).

And I have decided that enough is enough.
I am going to post more and I am not going to care about what other people are thinking of me for doing this. If you think it's silly - that's okay but it makes me happy and it feels bloody good to know that people are reading what I write, it is out there for anyone to see and if you wanna have a laugh or I make someone smile, that makes me bloody happy. I am going to start posting more, even if it's the most ridiculous of posts or the world's shortest post, at least it will be something and that's better than nothing

I'm no longer going to live up to anyone elses standards and not post something because I'm not happy with it, or because it's not what someone else would post, or because I think people won't like it. Because that's why I've never done a blog before, because of people's expectations and people's opinions that they might have (and of course everyone is entitled to their own)  but this is my blog and my little piece of the internet and I'm gonna post whatever, I'm gonna post my opinions and what I've been up to and things I like and absolutely everything.

It's time to face the fear.
Life is too short, so make the most of it. ♥

I'll see you very soon,
 Danielle ♡  

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