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Hello everyone!

I hope that you have all had a lovely week! I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you can have the #perfectsundayfunday. When this post goes up I will currently be in hopefully gorgeous sunny London enjoying Chris' birthday present and then maybe enjoying a cocktail or two on a rooftop bar somewhere with the sun shining. I'm hopeful.

In this post I thought I'd share with you how to have the perfect #SUNDAYFUNDAY, because I actually think Sunday is the best day of the week and here's some of my favourite ways to spend it...

 This is one of my most favourite ways to spend a Sunday, and it's great for those of you who have to work Monday's (I don't js...). Just pull on some comfy clothes, or stay in your pajama's, or put clean pajama's on, grab the TV remote (Netflix is always a good choice), eat whatever food you want, ur hello chocolate biscuits.. and spend the day doing absolutely nothing, apart from relaxing, eating and binge watching a whole series on Netflix.. oh and who doesn't love having lazy cuddles?

*Not advisable if you have things you need to do. That ironing's not gonna do itself you know...


Because I'm indoors quite a lot of the time, working in the salon, blogging, chilling, eating etc... I really do like getting outdoors when I can. Even if it's just walking the dog (which I did earlier), or going for a picnic (if the weather's nice ofc), or picking a town that you've never been to and going for a day out somewhere different, I would really recommed Stratford-Upon-Avon, it was such a lovely town and there was loads to do! Being outdoors is good for you, so get off your phone/laptop/arse and go and get some fresh air.


If the weathers not that great, get baking! Pick a recipe, go out and buy all of the ingredients that you need, and just bake. Invite your friends, or your partner or your fam to bake with and just go crazy, or bake on your own and surprise everyone with some lovely treats. I love trying new recipes and I love baking, but just make sure that if you live at home you always tidy up afterwards, 'cause I sometimes forget, but I do make some bloomin' lovely cookies. If you want to bake my Chocolate Chunk Cookies, find the recipe for those over HERE.


I am a massive fan of going out for breakfast on a Sunday. It's the one day that Chris and I can go for breakfast together and then it gets you up and about and then you could try out number two and get outside, wink. Whether this is a hungover, greasy fry-up breakfast or slightly more upmarket (you know, I'm talking avo on toast) it doesn't really matter, breakfast on Sunday is great whatever. And if you don't want to go out, just make your own breakfast to enjoy in bed, also just as good.

* My absolute fave places to go for breakfast in Northampton can be found HERE and HERE. *


Sunday is normally the day that everyone has ofs —, unless you work in restaurants, retail or other Sunday based work places, soz — so it's a great day to meet up with friends. Sometimes my friends that go to uni are home at the weekend, and other friends that work during the week aswell that I don't always get to see. And it doesn't have to be anything expensive... meet up with them in the pub garden or in the park (if the weather's nice), go out for a coffee, invite your friends over, cook dinner for them. I don't know, whatever you choose to do, but just make time for friends.


Basically the same as number five, but this time make time for your fam 'cause they're bloody well important. Again you don't have to do much or spend a fortune, just spend the day together or all have dinner together. Sunday is the day to have a roast dinner after all...


Get in the car, with some snacks and some tunes and just go. Go to a new place that you've never been before, whether it's some where you're going shopping, spending the day, or just exploring. The beach is always a good shout. Just go and do it and have fun, take lots of pictures and make memories, even better if you include friends. Me, Chris, Em and Harv went to Hunstanton on Easter bank hol and we had a bloody lovely day, despite the coldness and the wind, but hey, it's England. Day trips to new places are always exciting, and what better day to do it on than Sunday?!

So there's some ideas of how you can have the best Sunday Funday!
Let me know what you've got up to this weekend by dropping a comment or sending me a tweet!

Love, Danielle ♡
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