Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Right now, I'm the biggest and the heaviest that I have ever been. And you know what? that's okay. I'm happy. But at the same time I'm not which is why I really need to do something about it. Weight has always been a massive struggle for me, I've always been a little bit bigger and heavier and I have quite wide shoulders and ever since I started to grow up - I've always hated my arms and now I basically hate the fact that some of my clothes don't fit anymore.

I know your body is meant to be like a temple or something, but I never wanted a temple that big, just a small one lolz. But I'm the one who's done it, I'm the one who's created it and now I'm the one that has to do something about it.

At the start of this year, when I wrote THIS POST keeping up with Slimming World was one of those things and by doing that and sticking to the plan, I should have been loosing weight and maybe I'd be a size 8 by now, haaaa not!

But it came to the point that I couldn't afford to go every week because I'd run out of money and this happened two months in a row, and then I quickly sank back into eating what I wanted and buying a ridculous amount of junk food that I just didn't need and to be honest couldn't really afford - and even though I was still going to the gym, I wasn't doing enough of a workout and burning enough calories in order to loose the weight that I was putting on.

The other week I went to my first body pump class with my work colleauge and friend, Beata. Body Pump was basically doing weights, lifting and squatting but in time to music to put it in the most friendly of terms, and I really did enjoy it (although I was at the back and couldn't really see what I was supposed to be doing, but luckily, Rita, who works in the gym she kept coming round to make sure that we were doing it properly, and she also told me next week to be closer to the front so she could keep an eye on me, haha). 

In fact, when this post goes up I'm probably going to be sweating my arse off in the gym, doing body pump with Beata again, and hopefully I'll have been eating healthy that day too.

Also I've just bought Charlotte from Geordie Shore's book Live Fast Lose Weight (which you can buy HERE), and I bloody love Charlotte, I might even go as far to say that she's my inspiration - she's so funny, down to earth and bloody gorgeous. Her new book has 80 new recipes that are quick, easy to make and also super healthy. I just tried to make her blueberry protein pancakes (they turned out okay, but I think practice would definitely make perfect!!)

I'm going on holiday in just under ten weeks, and I'm aiming to loose the weight I need to before I go. I just want to feel more confident and happy in my body, it'd also be great to fit back into some of my smaller clothes because most of them are summer clothes and I'm hoping Cornwall's gonna be well sunny. 

Obvs I'm gonna be blogging about how I get on and the recipe's that I've tried and also how I'm getting on with all of the exercise that I'm doing, because y'know I want to keep you all in the loop and hopefully if there's other bloggers and readers in my position, then we can motivate each other together. #letsgetfit

And from this point forward, absolutely no more chocolate/cakes/sweets/biscuits, except on special occassions obvs.
Wish me luck.

Love, Danielle ♡
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