Sunday, 11 September 2016


I am so ready to get all of the cosy jumpers and boots out of my wardrobe and start wrapping up warm as the weather gets colder. And also who doesn't love a throwback photo from Winter/Autumn 2011/12? Anyway.. unfortunately because we live in England, the weather's pretty messed up and it seems at the minute sometimes it can still be quite warm. So I'm always unsure, should I go for summer clothes or autumn clothes, because what clothes are inbetweeny clothes? I don't know.

But anyway here's a list of things I love about the autumnal months:

Dark Lips (Rimmel 107.. hiya babe)
Hallowe'en - I wish it was bigger in the UK :(
Mustard Jumpers/Coats
Boots (knee high, ankle, all of them) 
Cosy jumpers in every single autumn shade ever
Being able to get away with brown lipstick
Crispy leaves on the ground
The feeling that it's closer to Christmas
Not being so sweaty at work doin massage all day
Getting the winter wardrobe ready
Cosy pajamas because who wants to be cold getting out of bed in the morning
 Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows
The way the air just feels so fresh and crisp and ah the weather in general
AMERICAN HORROR STORY i just hope it's better than season 5 was
Watching scary movies as it gets closer to Hallowe'en
Rainy days that you can spend inside cuddled up watching films
everything being pumpkin flavoured
being able to light candles and have cute fairy lights on
Going to Fright Night

That's what I love about Autumn, let me know what you love!
See you soon,

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