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the travel diaries: B A R C E L O N A 🌞

It's sad to think that when I'm writing this post, this time last week I was in Barcelona with Chris, probably enjoying some tapas and waiting for the gates to open at the Nou Camp where we would watch Barcelona beat Deportivo 4-0. So  I thought I would share with you what I got up to with Chris in Barcelona and try to not feel too blue and also try not to book another holiday.. hmm.

Also I won't mind if you wanna grab a cuppa, it's quite a long post tonight!

This holiday was actually my birthday present from Chris, and I literally had no idea what he was planning so when I opened his card on my birthday back in August with the tickets in, I was so shocked and started to cry. Fast forward to the 14th October and it's holiday time, bitches! We were flying from Gatwick which personally I thought that it was going to be a nightmare because of all the traffic and would we miss our flight (hopefully not!) but we actually decided to get the train, which was so much bloody easier. We set off at about ten-ish and got to Gatwick for twelve, which gave us plenty of time to deal with all of the airport stuff that you gotta do.

We arrived in Barcelona at around 5pm, and got a train and eventually arrived at our hotel which was the Expo Barcelona, and also it was right next to the train station. This was around half 7 by this time so we went to a little restaurant around the corner and had some dinner before going back to the hotel.
Saturday was football day, so we set off and walked to the Nou Camp down a little street that had lots of shops, and they actually had a Tiger shop.. who knew? We found the football stadium and had a little look around to see what was near it because by this time we were both pretty hungry. We went to a little tapas place and then went and had a look in the Barcelona FC store which was so huge, and also so crowded, like I mean, they had a waiting time at the till, like when you go to Alton Towers and they tell you how long the queue is for the rollercoaster, crazy. By the time the game was about to start we were in our seats watching the stadium fill up, and we did have really good seats. The weather was amazing, the sun was out and we couldn't really see the pitch clearly (even though I was wearing sunglasses) so we both bought hats, and looked like proper keenos, haha.
On Sunday we decided to do one of the open bus tours and it cost us about 28 and you Before walking along and catching another bus that would take us east. We then stayed on that one and toured the east side of the city before we could get a changeover bus and get on one going west.
could literally get on and off these buses where ever you wanted to, they also supplied you with headphones so you could listen to the tour guide as you went along, which we actually did for the first couple of stops anywat. The tour we chose was the BarcelonaCityBus tours and I would recommend this one as it was definitely easy with only two routes, one east and one west with lots of stops! We stayed on the bus until it got to the centre of Barcelona and then we had a walk down Las Ramblas and bought some icecreams, we walked all the way to Port Vell, and had a little look in a shopping centre at the bottom where they had toilets in the actual carpark, it was so bizarre!

On Monday we actually got Metro tickets and we visited the Sargarda Familia. I would definitely recommend pre booking your tickets because we got there about lunchtime and I heard a member of staff saying, we're sold out today you can book tickets online for tomorrow and come back tomorrow'. You can obviously visit the outside of the incredible cathedral, but the inside is definitely worth a visit too. Then we went for lunch and headed to Park Guell, where I got us lost and we ended up walking in the complete opposite direction. Tip: You're less likely to get lost if you follow Siri rather than a map but just make sure you have Siri set to walking and not driving lolz.

Then we headed back for some dinner and got ready to pack the next morning. Our flight wasn't until 8:30pm so we checked out of the hotel, left our suitcases and got the Metro back into the center and we did a little bit of shopping. Literally the first shop we saw was Sephora, and let me tell you: it did not disappoint. I probably could have spent hours in there, but Chris was with me so I couldn't really spend a long time in there because he probably would have been bored out of his mind! I did pick up the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallette from Too Faced and the Tattoo Liner from Kat Von De which I won't go into too much detail because there will probably be seperate blog posts about them. But let me tell you I am in LOVE. Actual LOVE with those two products.

We did a little bit more shopping but didnt really have any room in our cases for any more clothes, soz huge Zara shop and Pull & Bear, maybe next time. And finally, the last place we visited was the Arc de Triomf where we took a couple of pictures and then headed back to the hotel for a drink. We then got the Metro to the airport after going down about ten million escalators to get to the platform, and then we flew home. The end.

I had a reallu lovely time in Barcelona and would definitely recommend it, personally I don't think I would rush back, but it would be cool to go back in ten years when the cathedral is finished, and I would love to go shopping and buy lots of lovely clothes.

Thank you so much to Christopher John for my birthday present cause I had a bloody good time.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Let me know!

See you soon, 

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