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As you'll know if you read this post, I did my Environ training at the iiaa and bought lots and lots of skincare products because, I'm gonna be honest, I just love Environ products and having been on the training and knowing the science behind them - I can tell ya, they work. They are so good for your skin and packed full of vitamins A, C and E and other key active ingredients that promote fabulous skin for everyone. I personally love doing the facials in the salon, recommending products to clients that I know are going to make a difference for them and also using Environ products on my own skin at home (when I remember lols).

I was sent the Skin Complete supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme (which is another brand that is involved in the iiaa, along with Environ and jane iredale) to try out by the lovely Davina, and I began trying them out and honestly they have made a massive difference to my skin. I've still been using my Environ products topically, but also the Skin Complete are basically topical skincare available in capsule form with all of the lovely ingredients that will leave your skin feeling amazing whilst working from the inside of your body. So you get double the Vitamin A which is just great, your skin will thank you, I promise.

It's a little bit of a long one, so grab some snacks!

I thought I'd give you a little bit of information about these particular Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements, just because these are the ones I've been taking, but you can see the full range over on their website, HERE. One bonus to these supplements is that you can just buy these from the website and you don't have to fin a stockist like you do with Environ, #justsayin... But if do you would like to find an Environ stockist near you, have a look here.

So this is a duo pack and you get two supplements to take Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vit A. These are both one-a-day caspules and between both packs they are crammed with a multitude of nutrients, including vitamin A, D and antioxidants which help to maintain healthy skin. I normally take these before I go to bed, after I've eaten dinner and done my skincare routine. But you can take them after breakfast or lunch whenever. For me, it's easier to take them at night time.
These caspules help to protect your skin from within, keeping it smoother and looking younger for longer (say yes to having that baby face forever!). Skin Antioxidant is formulated with a colourful list of superhero nutrients that are found in plants. Some of the nutrients you may know are:
  • Lutein - found in green veg, like kale, spinach and broccoli
  • Beta-carotene - which is found in carrots, sweet potatoes and peas
  • Green tea extract - a great green nutrient found in a cuppa, creams and supplements
To see the full list of ingredients, click HERE.

 Skin Vit A contains vitamins A & D which support the skin's health and radience.
  • Vitamin A is important for normal cell production and repair, throughout the body (these caspules don't just work on your face!). It promotes better moisture levels and assists in balancing oils in the skin, and helps to prevent the break down of collagen.  
  • Vitamin D has an important role in bone and muscle health, the immune system and protection from various types of cancer. It protects skin from baterical infections and promotes skin cell growth.
And if you are interested in looking at some supplements you can browse and buy them from here.

I'm currently on AVST 4 (now!), still working my way up to number 5, which ultimately is where you want to be. Now Environ's AVST moisturisers are made up of vitamins and other lots of good things, and this means that you are applying Vitamin A, topically - so you're putting it on your skin - like with any moisturiser, obvs.

Buuut, if you use Environ's AVST moisturiser and the ANP Skin Complete supplements together... it's essentially vitamins from the outside and vitamins from the inside. Which is great because vitamins are sosososo SO good for your skin, and it doesn't even matter what type of skin you have - because it will still be able to help you and your skin regardless of what condition it is or any skin types you have. There are specific products and supplements that help certain skin concerns though, so do some research and find out what would be best for you and your skin.

Overall I have found that using Vitamin A topically on my skin using Environ products, as well as using Vitamin A internally through the use of the Advanced Nutrition Programme has definitely made a huge difference to my skin. It feels brighter and so much more moisturised, and my eczema has cleared up on my neck, elbows and legs (and mostly cleared up on my hands). I decided to buy the Skin Omega supplements as well, and I think these have been really helping with my eczema too. These ones you take twice a day and they're quite big caspules but you get used to it! Find out more about those here.

Using skincare products wasn't too much of a problem for me because it was something that I knew I needed to do last year when I started. I started out with the Environ AVST 1 moisturiser, and then built up my skincare collection, and moved up to AVST 2, then 3, then 4, and after a little while I'll be moving up to AVST 5.

Taking supplements has been a bit more difficult because sometimes I have forgotten (mainly after a night out...haha) but as soon as I was in the routine of taking them, it just became part of my evening routine and now I don't even think about taking them (but like everything I could be a little bit better at taking them more regs!).

Lastly to finish, the iiaa have a Feed, Fortify, Finish philosophy. Feed is the Advanced Nutrition Programme, Fortify is the Environ Skincare products, and Finish is jane iredale mineral make-up (which I have a review coming up soon, cause I went on some more training and bought some make-up!) By taking supplements that contain Vitamin A, and using skincare that contains Vitamin A, it is the most powerful way to reap the benefits of Vitamin A, and improve your skin and keep it healthy and make the most out of the Feed, Fortify, Finish philosopy.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you take any vitamin supplements? Have you tried the Advanced Nutrition Programme? Let me know!

Love, Danielle xx
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