Monday, 21 November 2016


Want to get to know me and my alphabet? Carry on reading...

A -  My sister Ab, who also goes by the name of A. Where would I be without her? Probably doing absolutely nothing cos she's my personal motivator and my favourite place to borrow clothes from without asking.

B - Biscuits, because what's life without biscuits?! or Burger King.

C - Christopher John, he's my best friend and my boyfriend. aka the best person ever.

D - Ditsy because it's one of my more prominent personality traits.

E - Emily, my best friend. We met in college on my first day and we've pretty much been friends ever since.

F- Films, me and Chris are forever going to the cinema - like all the time.

G - Gossip Girl, I'm only on season two and want to watch it all, even though I've spoilt the ending for myself. *sob*

H - Hannah Gale because boy, does that girl SLAY.

I -Inquisitive, because I'm always asking questions.

J - Jumpers, I have sooo many jumpers. Especially Christmas Jumpers, because why not?!

K - Kaiser, our german shepherd and resident silly billy.

L - Late, I am always late to anything that's not work. Tell me half an hour earlier and I'll be there on time for sure.

M - Make-up is one of my favourite things to buy, favourite thing to do in the morning and my favourite videos to watch on Youtube/Insta. Currently loving: makeupbyjaack's instagram.. I mean talk about GOALS.

N - Nightime, my favourite time of day.

O - Oh dear, because I always manage to mess something up. Like today I lost K's shoe when we were out on a walk.

P - Phone, always have it on me, feel lost without it. also parents because you know I wouldn't be here without 'em.

Q - Queen Elsa from Frozen because Frozen is still one of my all time favourite films. LET IT GO.

R - Rubbish, because it's all I ever talk.

S - Snacks, because I snacks.

T - Travelling, I would love to travel the world, or at least to most places.

U - U okay hun?

V - Video Games, I only ever play them at Chris' house but I love to get invested in the games for a short while. Currently playing: Fall Out. Fave game of all time: GTA.

W - Winter Wonderland because I looooove it so much and can't wait to go in December!

X - XMAS. Because I'm so bloody excited!!

Y - Youtube, because it's something that I would love to start doing one day.

Z - Zoella. I've been watching Zoe forever and she's one of my faves.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my alphabet.
See you soon,
Danielle 💖

snapchat : danibrund

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