Saturday, 3 December 2016


Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the day of my works Christmas party so I'll be getting on the wine tonight, I'm sure. The outfit details of what I wear tonight, will be in tomorrow's post. But today's post is more important right now, as this is what you're reading. Today's post is all about my advent calendars of this year which is just groundbreaking. I mean just call the press cos they obvo want to know

I do have two this year, which is more than I usually have but this year I've got my first beauty advent calendar!! Many thanks to my mum, who bought it for me as an early Christmas present. I haven't really ever gotten on the hype of the beauty advent calendars before, mainly because they're always sold out when I go look, ahem... but this year I'm very excited to open this calendar in particular.

My beauty advent calendar is the Girl O'Clock Rock calendar from Benefit. I'm super excited to have this as my first beauty calendar because I LOVE Benefit make-up so much, and I do always seem to get it around Christmas time haha, so very excited for this one. There's only twelve days of this calendar so I'm going to actually start opening this one when the 12 Days of Christmas begins. And then my chocolate advent calendar is Cadbury's Dairy Milk because, I mean, is there any other chocolate calendar worth having?! the answer is no...

I hope you enjoyed today's blogmas, I know it's a super short one... but now you know what I'm going to be opening every morning throughout December. Also I've put myself on a chocolate ban as of December 1st, but the advent calendar chocolate definitely don't count. They just don't.

I'll see you tomorrow with another post!

Stay Festive!
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