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jane iredale: the luxe line, advanced nutrition programme & environ skincare | #iiaacomplimentday

On Tuesday 24th January (will my blog posts ever be on time??), it was National Compliment Day and I got sent a very exciting package sent by Davina from the iiaa. With the hashtag #iiaacomplimentday I quickly took a snap of all of the products on the manicure bar at work and posted it to instagram, I had a quick look through the press releases and the products and then unfortunately had to go straight back to work. And what with going to the gym in the mornings before work it meant that I didn't really get a chance to experiment with the make-up and try all of these lush Jane Iredale products out, I already use the Eye Gel and I am yet to take the supplements. So that's what I have been doing today, trying out the make-up as well as taking pictures and not doing very much else, story of my life.. although I did get my nails done AND I bought a new handbag, so there's that.

I'm going to split up the three brands for this blog post, just so we don't all get confused. But these products are so important and beneficial for your skin if you use them together to feed and fority your skin and then finish with mineral make-up using all three amazing brands. And fyi they are SO good for your skin. 

Included in my #iiaacomplimentday package there was Skin Accumax sample for me to try from Advanced Nutrition Programme, and Environ's Youth EssentiA VitaPeptide Eye Gel and then a whole bunch of lovely make-up from jane iredale's Luxe Line gift set, aswell as a cute little hand mirror and a spoon, that I only found by emptying the entire contents of the box because it was well hidden away! πŸ˜‚

 p.s feel like such a hyprocrite talking about having great skin when I've got three massive spots errupting on my face from eating too many McDonalds & Domino's and drinking too much wine, so if you follow my skincare routine and not my diet then you'll do just fine, but mozzarella dippers tho ?? Hmm...

I actually recieved the gift set which you can give as a present for Mother's Day or it's perfect for Valentine's Day which is TOMORROW fyi and the gift set is part of jane iredale's exciting Luxe Line collection and you will recieve the following in said gift set:
  • PureLash Mascara in Black Onyx
  • White/Pink Highlighter Pencil
  • A jumbo sharpener (because isn't it annoying when you don't get a sharpener with a pencil product???)
  • The newly packaged Mystikol Liner and you get to choose from four lush colours! Mine is Dark Topaz btw
  • and travel sizes of Lash Conditioner and Smooth Affair face primer (the primer smells amaze!)

I love jane iredale products, and I know before in the past I have been known to say that I didn't like mineral products because I thought that the coverage and pigments would be so wishywashy but I couldn't have been more wrong. All of the products are cruelty free and made without the use of fillers, chemical dyes, synthetic preservatives or synthetic fragrance which basically means it's not full of rubbish! And look at the pigment in the highlighter pencil and the Mstikol Liner lasted for ages on my arm and it wasn't going anywhere!

The gift box retails at £54, and you save £9 off individual products. Treat yo' mum to something special for mother's day, treat a loved one for a (late) Valentine's or treat yo'self. The Luxe Line box gift set is available to buy NOW and is available to purchase here.

I love supplements so much. Espesh ones for your skin. If you read this blog post you'll know just how much I love them, so I was so excited to see that in my #iiaacomplimentday package I had recieved a packet of Skin Accumax. This is a skincare supplement that has been specially designed to help those who are occassionally unhappy with their skin as well as people who have ongoing concerns, ingredients include vitamins A, C & E. Problems with your skin are often caused by an internal imbalance so that's why ANP target the source from inside because there is NO way to treat a hormonal imbalance using skin care products on the surface of the skin.

Another great benefit is that Skin Accumax doesn't just work on your face, it literally works all over your body - so goodbye bacne. It literally will leave your face, chest, shoulders and back looking clearer and improving the texture. I haven't started taking these but I am going to start soon and I can't wait to share my results, cause this gal gotta get rid of these mountains on my face.

Have a look at buying Skin Accumax here. (psa also super good to combine with Environ Skincare)

The last thing I'm going to be rambling on about tonight is the Environ Youth EssentiA VitaPeptide Eye Gel. Now I have literally been using this product alongside my AVST 1 - which I started using around two years ago. I used to suffer with dry skin on my eyes, thanks to my eczema, which has completely cleared up and I can tell you I know when I haven't used this eye gel because my eyeshadow goes a bit funny because my eyelids are so dry. This eye gel has hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients which holds up to 1000 times it's own weight in water. As well as major peptides to help slow down the ageing process of the skin and plump out the fine lines and wrinkles.

I would recommend this to EVERYONE. Literally EVER. And you can buy it from an Environ stockist, find one near you here.

You can find more information about all of the products mentioned over on the iiaa website.

It's time to start taking care of your skin, and there's no better way than this.

Love, Danielle ♡
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This post contains items and products that have been sent to me, but all of my views and opinions are 100% honest. πŸ’–

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