Sunday, 19 February 2017

LIFE LATELY 19.02.17

So I fancied doing a bit of a life lately update post today, so here we are. Also it's a great thing that I started writing this post on a Thursday because boy am I going to be throwing it back today, although now it's Sunday so we all now know how good I am at writing blog posts.

February has come around so quickly it's a bit like oh-my-god-where-did-January-go-wasn't-it-Christmas-like-three-hours-ago? Even though Christmas feeeeels like a million years ago at the same time I feel like it's just been a complete whirlwind of life, basically. Sometimes I just want to stop time completely because it's just going past too quickly, where's Bernard with his watch when you need him. Also was talking about Bernard's watch the other day with Chris and his family, can you believe they've never seen Bernard's Watch?? Quality show.

Last weekend I went out in Northampton with Callan, Jack and Jordie (pictured above don't cha know) and we had a bloody good night. I've known Jordie since Year 1 in Primary School and I've known Callan and Jack since I went to college, I haven't spoken to Jordie in actual years. It was only a few weeks ago when she was out with Callan and Jack and I was out with Em that we finally saw each other again after so long, and boy can I tell ya, it's so good to reconnect with old pals, especially ones that you have so many memories with.

The night involved alcohol, lots of it and most importantly, mozzarella dippers from McDonalds. We got in at about 5am though which probably isn't great because the next day oh boy was I feeling the sleep. We ordered Dominoes and that was probably the best descision of my life. I can't really tell you what happened on the night out not because it's a secret but because I was in a happy wine induced dream land and I can't really remember tbh. I know I fell off the seat of the taxi, made a song about mozzarella dippers, sat in the toilet for a long time talking to Eve, danced alot, drank a lot and had a good time... I think... nah in all honesty though, drink safely and make sure you look after yourself and stick with friends !!!

Also I just want to say that I don't snapchat the whole of the night but I like to snapchat before we go out, but hater's gonna hate. Also the bottom right snap was stolen from Jordie because my phone screen is smashed to hell and I can't take selfies, which is why I know love the back camera so much. Oooh dat flash. My basic bitches for life don'tcha know.

The next big thing to happen in the week just gone was Valentine's Day. I personally don't mind Valentine's Day but I don't take it tooo seriously, like I wouldn't go crazy the same way I would expect someone to go crazy for me - so it's okay Christopher John, don't worry you don't need to buy me two dozen red roses (it would be nice, but you don't have to lol). But I like it all the same, it's a nice holiday about showing your love for your partner and your friends and family. Don't get me wrong I totally agree that we shouldn't be showing all this love on one day out of 365, and not bothering for the rest of the year. But this is one day it's okay to go a little bit over the top and it's totally okay if you don't celebrate it and it's totally okay to do something little.

Me and Chris went to Frankie and Benny's in Sixfields, where we are never disappointed and they always have the relish that I like to eat with my chips (Milton Keynes do not have this relish and are therefore not up to standard) and then we went back to Chris' where we monged out on our phones, eating Lindt chocolates before going to bed.

I really enjoyed writing this really relaxed post just keeping you updated with my life, however boring it may be. I hope you enjoyed this post too. See ya soon!

Love, Danielle ♡
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