Monday, 19 June 2017

#100dayreset | iiaa reset your routine | DAY 1

My skin is SO bad at the minute, it's actually a joke. Many thanks to the addition of the worst hayfever of the year and being so tired that I rub my eyes constantly so my eye make-up smears around my face making it 10 times worse. When I was invited to the iiaa' (International Insititute of Anti-Ageing) reset your routine press day a few weeks ago, I was really excited. Finally a chance to sort my skin out !! As most of you know I've been using Environ for absolutely ages now, although recently I've been really relaxed with my skincare routine - read as: really lazy. Which I know is terrible for a beauty therapist, but do as I say and not as I do !!

So I have decided to take the challenge using all three brands, Environ, Advanced Nutrition Programme and jane iredale to completely reset my routine in 100 days keeping track of my progress here on my blog, so you can all see how dry and flaky my skin is at the minute (thank you pollen) and how lovely and glowing it will be in 100 days time. Today is Day 1, and updates will follow on Days 30, 60 & 100.

So this is what my skin looks like on Day 1, there's a lot of dryness and flakiness around my eyes, comedones on my nose and blemishes on my forehead - and all of these things are main concerns of mine.

Obvo you can see what products I've already got by going over to this blog post (these were the Environ  products I originally started using) now the collection has grown, massively. You can see my post about my Vitamin A skincare supplements from Advanced Nutrition Programme here, and learn about my favourite base make-up from jane iredale here  All of which I will be continuing to use, but see an updated skincare routine below.

The iiaa press day was held in the Rosewood Hotel in London, and oh boy was it lush! Anyway, all three brands were at the event, Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ and jane iredale and they were all offering really exciting stations that I got to visit.

The first one was ANP, and it was an elasticity test that they did on your neck with a machine. The results could be anywhere between 1-0, closer to 1 being the better result. I think I actually got a really bad score somewhere around 0.6-0.7 so I know I definitely need to work on that aspect of my skin and improve the elasticity. I also got to try out some jane iredale make-up that will be launching soon!

The next thing that I was introduced to was the Environ body probe, and Body Profile which is designed to smooth, tighten and condition skin across the whole body. When the two are put together they both help to achieve amazing results and as we have just got the body probe in the salon I am excited to try it out on clients and try it for myself.

And then I had some visia pictures taken before I started my challenge to see what is happening on the surface and underneath my skin, then after the 100 days I'm going to get another skin analysis done to see what improvements there (hopefully!) are.

And here are some exciting glimpes of new product launches that I was lucky enough to recieve after attending the press day in the Rosewood hotel in London. Reviews on my blog coming soon when I've trialled and tested all of the products!

And now a little something to say thank you for following and reading my blog - you can get 15% off all of the three brands mentioned by using the code 'RESET15' at and you too can start your #100dayreset journey.

Love, Danielle ♡
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