Monday, 7 August 2017

Starting a Scrapbook 🎨

So recently I decided to start a scrapbook, after one failed attempt in 2015 that didn't go to plan. I bought both scrapbooks from Hobbycraft and most of the added bits and bobs are also from Hobbycraft as well as The Range, because that is one of my all time favourite shops! I've started the scrapbook from our last holiday altogether as a family, which was in 2014 and we went to Furteventura. Although I've bought a black and a white scrapbook, I've started with the white one because I think colours show up more vibrant and it's easier to doodle and write over the pages. I will definitely use the black one for something, but for 2014-2016 it will all be in the white book. 

The most fun thing about starting a scrapbook has been looking back on all of my memories and being as creative as I want to be. I'm such a hoarder of tickets, flyers, postcards, little tokens of different trips and they've all been living in a rather boring box over the past four years - so it's lovely to display them altogether.

I saw Gabriella from velvetgh0st doing a scrapbook and that's where I got the inspiration from -aside from the failed scrapbook in 2015 (let's not talk about that πŸ˜‚) and so I decided to do it.

I will definitely be sharing pages from my scrapbook on my blog over time, because we all know here that it takes me a little while to upload and edit photos and actually write blogposts, just because I'm a completely rubbish gal at doing things on time and on schedule.

Let me know if there's any good scrapbooking websites that you know of and if you too are doing or have done a scrapbook, I'd love to get some more ideas and inspiration!

Love, Danielle ♡
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