Saturday, 7 November 2015


I know I'm not the only one who LOVES Christmas but I'm one of the few people that starts getting ready for it in OCTOBER. Which no one else really understands, but by this time of the year it's definitely autumnal, which means it's almost winter, which means it's almost Christmas and I am not joking when I'm about to say I've already had the Christmas CD in the car when it's been dark and cold and I've been driving home. I've only bought one Christmas present, but that's not the point, I'm ready for it to be Christmas, right now.

But now that we are in November it seems that everyone will soon be in Christmas mode after Bonfire Night is gone. There's just so many things to love about Christmas, buying presents, decorating your home, decorating the tree and just generally feeling festive, and here are my 5 top tips on how to have the best Christmas ever.

1. Start planning for Christmas as early as poss.
If you're anything like how I used to be, you'll leave Christmas shopping until the last possible moment (Christmas Eve I'm looking at you) and then it'll be a mad dash to get all your presents, the shop will be absolutely heaving because everyone is doing the same thing as you, and all the good presents will be already gone. But this year I have already bought my first Christmas present and next week, I'm planning to go shopping to get the rest. So you don't have to plan super early and start buying your Xmas pressies in the January sales, but October/November is a good time to start.

Or you can be well cheeky and buy all of your Christmas shopping online from the comfort of your own living room/bedroom where you can stay in your jammies, andnot even have to worry about brushing your hair - or if you don't have time to go to the shops this is a good one for you too.

2. Put your decorations up as early in December as you can.
If you struggle to get into the Christmas season and all of the festivities, putting your decorations up on the 1st December will just remind you, everyday, that it is infact Christmas soon and you wouldn't want to be a bah humbug now would you? Well I'll leave that up to you, but if you have multiple Santa's staring at your face when you're watching TV then it might be kind of hard not to feel festive.

3. Christmas jumpers are a must-have. 
It doesn't matter how old you are, you must have a Christmas jumper, the cringey-er, the better in my eyes. It's just so pleasing to wear an garmet that is literally screaming CHRISTMAS in everyone's faces. And if you have any Christmas Jumper parties coming up then it's always good to be prepared. Oh, and fyi, Primark has some well good Christmas jumpers that are tacky, Xmas-sy and just perfect.

But if you want a Christmas jumper but don't want to go all out, then you can get a slightly subtler Christmas jumper that has a Christmas-esque about it but it doesn't have flashy lights or a snowman that has a sticky-out knitted orange nose. I bought this one below two years ago from soinfashion and this isn't so in ya face kind of thing, oh and just excuse the hair - it was two years ago!
4. Make sure you have plenty Christmas food and drink.
You should deffo stock up on all of your Christmas food & drink before Christmas Eve, but it will probably be a good idea to store it all out of sight and forget about it until Christmas - cos when you're two thirds of the way through that tin of Roses before December 1st, you might start to regret it (we've all been there). If you're having all the fam around make sure you stock up on chocolates, cheese and biscuits, mince pies, bucks fizz and toast and paté... and if you have all of that.. I'll be round at two. 

5. Remember to have fun!
Sometimes Christmas can be stressful with all of the shopping, cooking and whatnot, so make sure that you relax during the festivities so that there's less arguements and less stressing so that you can actually enjoy Christmas and being with all of your fave peeps and have a Happy Christmas - eat lots, drink plenty, stay safe and have fun, cos you only get Christmas once a year.

It's not Christmas yet, but it's November so it's basically December, so it's basically Christmas.
But I hope you enjoyed my top tips on how to have the best Chrimbo.

Love, Danielle xx

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