Danielle Brundish was a blog created by me, Danielle Mary in the November of 2012. I was studying media at college and at the time I really wanted to have a blog so I posted a few blog posts and pictures and did the usual tags that were a really popular thing five years ago. Whilst studying media I created a Youtube channel with the help of my friends called LunchDatesWithDani – I’ve since made the videos private and I’m not even sure that that is the channel’s name anymore so good luck if you want to try and find it! I posted some really funny and cringey videos that I do treasure because of the memories we all made together, but they are not videos that necessarily need to be shared with the outside world.

I began studying beauty therapy at college in Northampton and my blog took a back seat, I kind of forgot about it, put my old posts lovingly in the draft box where they stayed ever since and I focused on my work and spending time with all of the lovely new friends I was making. In April 2015, I decided that I wanted to write a blog post again – and it was actually a chocolate cookie recipe (that you can read here) – and all of my friends were so supportive, I totally thought that no one was going to understand but they all convinced me to post it, and so I did.

My next post after that was published in October 2015 – I’ve always struggled with uploading regularly and that’s something that will never change I don’t think. My blog is my hobby and it’s something that I really enjoy – despite initially being put off that everyone was going to think I was a weirdo – and I don’t want to put pressure on myself to think I have to upload every single day, if it was my full-time job on the other hand things might be different. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

I currently work as a Senior Beauty Therapist at a salon in Milton Keynes, where I have been working for the past three years. I love my job and all of the ladies that I work with – I couldn’t be happier. I live in Northamptonshire with my mum, dad and sister Abi and I have the most wonderful boyfriend, Christopher John.

I love reading, watching horror films, anything chocolate, watching films with subtitles on, Christmas, Harry Potter, beauty, oversized jumpers and pyjamas.

Things you will find on my blog include recipes, lifestyle posts, photo diaries, beauty and fashion and things that I love. Although I don’t always post to a schedule you can always reach me via Twitter, Instagram and by email – all of which are linked on my side bar.

I hope you enjoy my blog, stick around and we can be friends!


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