Welcome //

I'm Danielle Mary, a twenty year old girl who goes by the name Dani although sometimes by the names Mary/Mez/Mezza, only really by family and friends, to everyone else it's just Dani, call me whatever. I blog about everything from beauty to life to books and basically whatever words come into my mind that I want to share on the internet, on my lil ol' blog. I live in Northamptonshire, work in Milton Keynes as a beauty therapist, I love my job... but I love my Christopher John more.

History //

I technically started this blog in 2012, when I was a dorky little teenager who had no clue what contouring was and I was very good at getting distracted by things - and I still get distracted by things even now as an adult... some things never change, but I do know what contouring is.  I started posting properly in 2015 with a couple of breaks in between because you know sometimes life happens, I was probs distracted, but I still really enjoy blogging but it's always going to be a hobby because sometime real life has to come first. I don't have a regular blogging schedule because, HA pressure, but I enjoy posting when I'm really into my blog (which is most of the time) and I hope you enjoy what you read around here.

I want to be as honest as possible around here, because I want to be a real as I can. Which is why there's no lying, no fakeness around here. Just me, my laptop and my honest thoughts.

Contact //

For any enquiries or just for a chat you can send me an email over at: dani.brundish@gmail.com
Or find me on basically every social media (apart from Pintrest because I can't work it out) below: 

Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Facebook | Tumblr | Snapchat: danibrund

Things I love //
crisps, wine, cuddles, horror movies, coffee, blogging, going on holiday, surprises, christmas, birthdays, halloween, harry potter, reading, sunny days, the sea, subway, the cinema, shopping, make-up, books, oversized jumpers, flipflops, pink things, chocolate, sandwiches, jonathan creek, netflix, twitter

Things I hate //
bullies, any kind of fish apart from tuna, rudeness, being sick, chipped nail varnish, stray eyebrow hairs, getting out of bed, getting into bed, negativity, anxiety, bad people, big spiders, flies, wasps, cracked iPhone screens

Stick around for a while, send me a tweet and hey, let's be friends. ♥

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