Wednesday, 24 February 2016


As I sit here writing this post, I'm mega craving Creme Eggs.. oh the irony. Creme eggs, mini eggs, easter eggs, you name it and I'll want to eat it, it's just what the Easter season and seasonal chocolate does to me. But obvs not meant to eat those bad things on Slimming World, but it's deffo alright to eat them if I'm going to the gym right, amiright?! I am currently baking some banana and oatmeal cookies, so they're kinda healthy (??), but seriously craving Creme eggs, which is a brilliant introduction to a fitness post I know, but what can I say?!

I recently started going to the gym (shocker!!) and I don't have any excuse because where I work we're literally on the top floor of the gym, I have to walk through the gym to get to work, I mean it's not exactly like I have to go out of my way.. it's only taken me a year to realise this! And I do eat pretty well already... about ten million pieces of fruit and veg a week thanks to all of mum's proper healthy dinners. Basically the only downside is that I do have a KitKat for breakfast sometimes, because I don't like toast in the morning, cereal or porridge really, what's a girl to do?!

But I really really really want to get fit. You know when you're running up the stairs and struggling to get your breath back once you're at the top? I'm a bit like that and I wanna change it, for real. Also I want to lose those extra pounds and get fit at the same time.

 On Monday me and my friend, Claudia did a spin class. I actually did spinning again. I had done it once before, but that was for charity and me and the other work ladies took it in turns and spread two hours out between us and I swore I would never do it again. But this one was a whole 45 minutes. It was fun, hardwork and oh my god the sweat... but it was a great workout, I basically looked like GiGi Hadid afterwards... well maybe not quite but you get the general idea. And I deffo burnt about five million calories, err maybe...

That was two days ago and my legs are starting to feel it properly now. The first time is obviously always the hardest with anything you try out, but if you've never done a spin class before and want to sign up, your bum will really hurt afterwards and you will struggle to sit down and your legs/arms/whole body will ache - the bike saddle is not your friend.

Unless you buy padded shorts/leggings but that means commitment.

I don't think I'll be doing spin for a little while, it definitely was hard work and it was hard on my wrists and I'm not sure that it should have been, but I might just have dodgy wrists or something or literally zero upper body strength. But since I can't work for the next week or so, I can't go to the gym or partake in any classes. Bummer, I know haha, jokes... hello sofa! As soon as I'm back, I'm gonna get onit, probs. I might start doing spinning regularly, would need to buy some padded shorts first though if that's ever gonna happen!

I also bought some shiny new clothes from the H&M sportswear range, and you can shop the collection HERE. Because I'm not working this week I haven't really left the house, I've been wearing my gym clothes because they are super comfy and make me feel motivated and want to get things done .#girlpower

 Top // Sports Bra // Jacket // Tights

Next payday, hello running trainers!

Chris and I went running - I think it was last week?! Just around his village, obvs couldn't run too much so I had to walk a bit of it, and I tried to do 90 seconds walking, 60 seconds running like the Couch to 5K app says for the first week of the nine week period, guess who'll be running a 5K soon, hah. But I don't have proper running shoes, so my shins were hurting for a bit afterwards and when I went running on the treadmills the other day I could feel it so bad. So I'm gonna invest in some decent running trainers... anyone got some running shoes that they LOVE and would recommend to everyone?! Drop a girl a comment!

I want to get fit, and I'm gonna eat properly and I am gonna be healthy... just as soon as these banana and oatmeal cookies are gone and possibly when Easter's gone and there's no more eggs of any chocolate variety in the shops. But seriously, I'm gonna do it. 

If you do see me buying unhealthy things or eating them I give you full permission to smack said unhealthy thing out of my hands and then chase me so I fear for my life and then have to run away from you.

I'll keep you updated, promise.

See you soon,
 Danielle ♡ 

P.S The banana and oatmeal cookies and banana muffies are soooo tasty! Probs quite healthy too, so there's that.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hello everyone!

In THIS post I mentioned that was going on some training and I was saying how I wanted to finish reading the Scorch Trials, which I somehow managed by the end of the week, but unfortunately not by the end of Sunday! My training was with a company called iiaa (visit their website HERE), the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, and I was on the Professional Skincare, Stage 1 course which lasted 5 days. This focused on a brand called Environ and the training gave me knowledge of all of the products, what the products do, what's in them and now I'm fully qualified to carry out facials in the salon after passing both of my exams!

 I decided to drive down to the training each day, and it was supposed to be about an hour and ten minutes drive literally right at the bottom of the M1. The first day took me around two and half hours, oh gee thanks Monday morning, so I just made it there for half nine. Surprisingly, Friday was the quickest journey and I was there at 8:15, so a little early but hey, this girl had time for a toasted bacon sandwich and that's more important.

I had to leave the house by 7 each morning, which was definitely a massive struggle for me 'cause I had to wake up at around 6 which is crazy. But after the first day I didn't bother with putting any make-up on apart from a lil bit of bronzer because I'm sooo pale and a bit of brow gel to keep those little guys in shape, and we were practicing the facials and it would have been taken off anyway so I decided against that and allowed myself to have an extra 20 mins in bed... priorties right?!

I'm actually really proud of myself (blow your own trumpet, why dontcha?!) because not only did I manage a 120 mile round trip without crashing every single day, I also didn't freak out about the training. Before it was a massive deal, I was worrying about what it was going to be like, whether I would find it, what the people were gonna be like... and ohmygod I haven't done proper exams since my GCSE's so what happens if I fail?! and I was just worrying about everything. But as soon as it came to Monday morning I was fine and actually feeling quite confident, a little bit excited, and I nailed it. And I passed with 97% on both exams, so you know, there's that!

I'm not gonna bore you with what I learnt in the training because unless you're a beauty therapist then you probably just won't care haha. But I am gonna do a post-haul because who doesn't love £200 worth of products?! My bank account definitely doesn't love £200 worth of products or me for buying them...

 Just a little note about Environ products: Unfortunately you can't buy these products off the shelf or offline, they are professional products and you do need tohave to have a consultation with a therapist before purchasing and this is due to the high concentrations of some of their products! But it's deffo worth it, trust me.

So here are the products that I bought to help me with my skin...

Alpha Hydroxy Cream

I currently use this around 2-3 times a week, just on my nose because I have a lot of congestion there, oh hey ajazillion black heads, how ya doing?! At the minute I haven't seen major improvements, but it takes time and everyone's different, so maybe three months down the line I won't have any blackheads (please?!!) but I'll let ya know.

Environ AVST 3 Moisturiser

If you read my January faves HERE, you'll know I love this product, a lot. AVST Moisturisers range from 1-5, and I started at 1 just under a year ago and now we're here, all the way to number 3. The level of Vitamins A + C + E increases with each moisturiser which is why you can't jump straight ahead to number 5, but I'm working on it. I would recommend this to anyone because I love it, so many of our client's love it... If you don't have a skincare routine or aren't too bothered about your skin I would suggest starting with AVST 1, just moisturise twice a day and I promise your skin care life will change - this is coming from a girl who studied beauty therapy and still used make-up wipes, trust me on this.

AVST Moisturising Toner

I already had a cleanser and a moisturiser prior to starting my training, so I thought why not just buy a toner aswell. It completes my collection so now I can say that I cleanse, tone and moisturise, and it's hydrating!

Super Moisturiser +
I got this moisturiser because it was recommended to me when I had my skin scan (they literally take pictures of your skin and show you the layers underneath and things such as areas of pigmentation and sundamage and I thought, why not? There's no vitamins in this product so it's suitable for everyone, but I use a pump of this along with a pump of my AVST 3, because who doesn't love some Vitamin A?!

C-Quence Eye Gel

I heard a lot of good things about this eye gel, and after using it for about a week now I can see why. It's the mother of all eye gels, it's packed full of peptides (help to slow down ageing), anti oxidants (which protects) and vitamins A, C + E, so it's reduces the appearance of lines and helps to hydrate and protect. This is expensive for the little bottle you get but you really don't need that much product, I don't even use a full pump. This is definitely going to stay in my skincare routine for like ever.

Revival Masque

I've only used the masque once so far, but this product should be used to 'perfect the art of creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalised skin'. I put it on for 10 minutes and then took it off after, but I working up to sleeping with it on overnight which is a four week step up process. It made my skin feel soooo good, and a mask is a very new thing to my skin care routine, but this one was super easy to apply and remove.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you all the skin care happiness in the world, lol. If you ever wondered what my skincare routine is for the forseeable future it's basically all of these products, plus a cleanser of course! 

If you wanna know more about Environ, you can find more information on the iiaa website HERE, but honestly, if you have any skin care concerns or wanna start looking after your skin, you can always message me for advice on literally any social media and I'll help as best as I can. 

Also, guess who has to back to training for Stage 2 next week?! Sorry in advance bank account...

Love, Danielle ♡
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Monday, 1 February 2016

F A V O U R I T E S : J a n u a r y 1 6 ✨

I survived my training last week and passed both of the exams (thank god!) and there will be another blog post coming on that soon, and a little skincare haul which will be up, hopefully soon! But then again you never can be too sure, so that's why I personally don't and probably will never stick to a post schedule and rather post as and when I want, or probably more realistically, as and when I can. I'm a busy bee, I am... but enjoy reading about some of my fave things from January only a day late! (and also can you actually believe it's February?! er hello, January? Where the bloody hell did you go?!)

1. Legend 

I was sooo ready for this film to come out on DVD and I literally, physically couldn't not post it in my January faves! This was actually a present from Chris that he gave to me when I finished my training last week and I was gutted I couldn't watch it sooner so I watched it on Saturday and I just love it. Love Tom Hardy (who the bloody hell doesn't please?!?😍), love the film, I just love it and I really would recommend it to everyone to watch, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I didn't think it would be mine but ever since I saw it in the cinema I have been waiting and waiting for it to come out on DVD and I finally have it, so just watch it because, I love it and you might love it too.

2. The Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Pallete by Too Faced 🍫

I got this as a Christmas present from Abi and it also featured in my everyday make-up look, which you can read HERE, but this is honestly my go-to pallete, for literally every single look I could ever want to wear. I do wear this basically everyday and I just love it and can't wait to try more make-up from Too Faced! Also it's super easy to blend the colours together if you're lazy when it comes to doing your eyes, like me!

3. Environ AVST 3 Moisturiser πŸ’†πŸΌ

I have been using Environ for just under a year now (that's the training I've done that I keep banging on about) and literally this is the best moisturiser in the world. Like, I'm not even joking, I honestly would recommed this to anyone, but Environ are all professional products and you can't just by these off the shelf, you would have to get yourself down to a salon that sells Environ and have a consultation with an Environ trained therapist as not all of the products may be suited to you depending on what your concerns are and whether you have any contra-indications. But more on that in another blog post, haha I don't want to bore you too much in this blog post! Basically, I just love this moisturiser!

4. The Maze Runner Books πŸ“š 

I just love reading and these books are honestly so good. Definitely much better than the films, but I do still love the films, (gonna watch Scorch Trials with Chris soon whilst eating a Nando's takeaway so I'm proper rushing this post! Haha, kidding... but really.) If you love reading and love the Hunger Games/Divergent type books, read these! I have been loving them and I am currently unable to put them down, which is a bit of a challenge at times! I also did a book review on the first book which you can read HERE. Don't know how many times I'll have to write this/say this/explain this but Chris, They. Are. Not. All. The. Same! Haha!!
5. Always Look On The Bright Side of Life Quote book (buy this here) ☀️

I got this from Oliver Bonas when I was having a little bit of a not-quite-a-quarter-life crisis. It's full of happy little quotes that are there to brighten your day, and this book was my life-saver last week when things got a little bit too much. Just a little day brightener and it's the perfect size to carry in your handbag/schoolbag and if you're having a bad day just have a little flick through and then feel reassured and a little bit happier.

6. Ted Baker Pink Body Spray (buy this here) πŸŽ€

Now I don't actually have a perfume that I wear, ever since my old one (Prada Candy) ran out I just haven't been motivated to trawl through the perfume counters of Boots and Superdrug to find a scent that I like, I could buy Prada Candy again but then I'm not sure that was the scent. I picked this up on a bit of a whim from Boots and it was probably about £3.00, and I just love it. It's the perfect size for me to carry round in my bag and just have a little spritz throughout the day, and the scent is bloomin' gorgeous, and hey I'd say that was a pretty good bargain.

7. Mini Eggs 🐣

Pretty self explainitary, it's time. It's almost Easter. I love Chocolate. It's just time.

8. Benefit Porefessional, Benefit Roller Mascara and Carmex πŸ’„

Just gonna whack these altogether cause these have been my other make-up favourites this month (apart from the chocolate bar pallete). I literally also wear these everyday and they've become pretty much staples in my make-up bag. My face would not feel complete without this primer or this lipbalm and this mascara is pretty bloody good when you have literally zero curl on your lashes. Also can we just talk about how good Carmex makes your lips feel? And can we just talk about how my make-up stayed on for about 12 hours with the Porefessional primer on my first day of training?! Thankkks! I'm done talking here now.

9. The Revenant
This is definitely up there with my favourite films of 2016 already. I just really enjoyed it, and er hello? Who doesn't love Leonardo DiCaprio?? Also it was super nice to see Tom Hardy in this film too, haha!! But no let's get serious, this film was really good, it didn't hit me quite as hard in the feels as The Danish Girl (see below) but I definitely will watch it again. 

 10. The Danish Girl 

This is another one of my favourite films already this year. I absolutely loved this film as well. This film really hit me right in the feels, with great performances from Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, it really did put you into their shoes and it almost felt like you were watching it with them. I would 100% love to watch this again and can't wait to get it on DVD. Bloomin' outstanding.

And there ya have it! 10 things that I've been loving this January, I just still can't believe it's February already! Actually can't get over that, I just can't... but I'm sure it'll be Christmas before we know it, which is 100% a good thing because I still miss Christmas, booo!

Is there anything you've been lovin' especially this month?! Let me know! 

Love, Danielle xx

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