Sunday, 22 May 2016


Hello everyone!

I hope that you have all had a lovely week! I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you can have the #perfectsundayfunday. When this post goes up I will currently be in hopefully gorgeous sunny London enjoying Chris' birthday present and then maybe enjoying a cocktail or two on a rooftop bar somewhere with the sun shining. I'm hopeful.

In this post I thought I'd share with you how to have the perfect #SUNDAYFUNDAY, because I actually think Sunday is the best day of the week and here's some of my favourite ways to spend it...

 This is one of my most favourite ways to spend a Sunday, and it's great for those of you who have to work Monday's (I don't js...). Just pull on some comfy clothes, or stay in your pajama's, or put clean pajama's on, grab the TV remote (Netflix is always a good choice), eat whatever food you want, ur hello chocolate biscuits.. and spend the day doing absolutely nothing, apart from relaxing, eating and binge watching a whole series on Netflix.. oh and who doesn't love having lazy cuddles?

*Not advisable if you have things you need to do. That ironing's not gonna do itself you know...


Because I'm indoors quite a lot of the time, working in the salon, blogging, chilling, eating etc... I really do like getting outdoors when I can. Even if it's just walking the dog (which I did earlier), or going for a picnic (if the weather's nice ofc), or picking a town that you've never been to and going for a day out somewhere different, I would really recommed Stratford-Upon-Avon, it was such a lovely town and there was loads to do! Being outdoors is good for you, so get off your phone/laptop/arse and go and get some fresh air.


If the weathers not that great, get baking! Pick a recipe, go out and buy all of the ingredients that you need, and just bake. Invite your friends, or your partner or your fam to bake with and just go crazy, or bake on your own and surprise everyone with some lovely treats. I love trying new recipes and I love baking, but just make sure that if you live at home you always tidy up afterwards, 'cause I sometimes forget, but I do make some bloomin' lovely cookies. If you want to bake my Chocolate Chunk Cookies, find the recipe for those over HERE.


I am a massive fan of going out for breakfast on a Sunday. It's the one day that Chris and I can go for breakfast together and then it gets you up and about and then you could try out number two and get outside, wink. Whether this is a hungover, greasy fry-up breakfast or slightly more upmarket (you know, I'm talking avo on toast) it doesn't really matter, breakfast on Sunday is great whatever. And if you don't want to go out, just make your own breakfast to enjoy in bed, also just as good.

* My absolute fave places to go for breakfast in Northampton can be found HERE and HERE. *


Sunday is normally the day that everyone has ofs —, unless you work in restaurants, retail or other Sunday based work places, soz — so it's a great day to meet up with friends. Sometimes my friends that go to uni are home at the weekend, and other friends that work during the week aswell that I don't always get to see. And it doesn't have to be anything expensive... meet up with them in the pub garden or in the park (if the weather's nice), go out for a coffee, invite your friends over, cook dinner for them. I don't know, whatever you choose to do, but just make time for friends.


Basically the same as number five, but this time make time for your fam 'cause they're bloody well important. Again you don't have to do much or spend a fortune, just spend the day together or all have dinner together. Sunday is the day to have a roast dinner after all...


Get in the car, with some snacks and some tunes and just go. Go to a new place that you've never been before, whether it's some where you're going shopping, spending the day, or just exploring. The beach is always a good shout. Just go and do it and have fun, take lots of pictures and make memories, even better if you include friends. Me, Chris, Em and Harv went to Hunstanton on Easter bank hol and we had a bloody lovely day, despite the coldness and the wind, but hey, it's England. Day trips to new places are always exciting, and what better day to do it on than Sunday?!

So there's some ideas of how you can have the best Sunday Funday!
Let me know what you've got up to this weekend by dropping a comment or sending me a tweet!

Love, Danielle ♡
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Right now, I'm the biggest and the heaviest that I have ever been. And you know what? that's okay. I'm happy. But at the same time I'm not which is why I really need to do something about it. Weight has always been a massive struggle for me, I've always been a little bit bigger and heavier and I have quite wide shoulders and ever since I started to grow up - I've always hated my arms and now I basically hate the fact that some of my clothes don't fit anymore.

I know your body is meant to be like a temple or something, but I never wanted a temple that big, just a small one lolz. But I'm the one who's done it, I'm the one who's created it and now I'm the one that has to do something about it.

At the start of this year, when I wrote THIS POST keeping up with Slimming World was one of those things and by doing that and sticking to the plan, I should have been loosing weight and maybe I'd be a size 8 by now, haaaa not!

But it came to the point that I couldn't afford to go every week because I'd run out of money and this happened two months in a row, and then I quickly sank back into eating what I wanted and buying a ridculous amount of junk food that I just didn't need and to be honest couldn't really afford - and even though I was still going to the gym, I wasn't doing enough of a workout and burning enough calories in order to loose the weight that I was putting on.

The other week I went to my first body pump class with my work colleauge and friend, Beata. Body Pump was basically doing weights, lifting and squatting but in time to music to put it in the most friendly of terms, and I really did enjoy it (although I was at the back and couldn't really see what I was supposed to be doing, but luckily, Rita, who works in the gym she kept coming round to make sure that we were doing it properly, and she also told me next week to be closer to the front so she could keep an eye on me, haha). 

In fact, when this post goes up I'm probably going to be sweating my arse off in the gym, doing body pump with Beata again, and hopefully I'll have been eating healthy that day too.

Also I've just bought Charlotte from Geordie Shore's book Live Fast Lose Weight (which you can buy HERE), and I bloody love Charlotte, I might even go as far to say that she's my inspiration - she's so funny, down to earth and bloody gorgeous. Her new book has 80 new recipes that are quick, easy to make and also super healthy. I just tried to make her blueberry protein pancakes (they turned out okay, but I think practice would definitely make perfect!!)

I'm going on holiday in just under ten weeks, and I'm aiming to loose the weight I need to before I go. I just want to feel more confident and happy in my body, it'd also be great to fit back into some of my smaller clothes because most of them are summer clothes and I'm hoping Cornwall's gonna be well sunny. 

Obvs I'm gonna be blogging about how I get on and the recipe's that I've tried and also how I'm getting on with all of the exercise that I'm doing, because y'know I want to keep you all in the loop and hopefully if there's other bloggers and readers in my position, then we can motivate each other together. #letsgetfit

And from this point forward, absolutely no more chocolate/cakes/sweets/biscuits, except on special occassions obvs.
Wish me luck.

Love, Danielle ♡
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Mine has been lovely and chilled and today I'm coming to you from the sofa sporting the melted off make-up, pyjama wearing just finished work look over here, and I'm watching Grease Live. Anyway, now you're up to date with what's happening right this second, let's go back to last week when I was invited to the Skin3 salon for the launch of their new EndyMed Glow treatments. I took Em along with me and we spent the day in London.

We began by getting the train to London, which we almost missed because we literally couldn't find a parking space anywhere! Luckily we found probably the last parking space and thankfully we made the train. We had snacks, courtesy of mum and then arrived into London for about 12ish... obvs there was only one place to hit up for shopping, Oxford Street! We popped into Debenhams, Forever 21, Boots and Marks and Spencers - we had very specific things that we wanted to buy obvs and when I say popped in I mean spent about an hour in lols. Half way inbetween we stopped for lunch at Carlucchios and had a lovely meal. I went for the patΓ© to start and then this lovely chicken dish which I can't remember the name of! After that we caught the tube to Swiss Cottage and stopped for a cup of tea and a cake in the theatre (literally the one as you come straight out of the tube station!) again I can't remember the name but they had a lush salted caramel brownie! Then when 5:30 came we finally ended up walking (in the right direction after some time of figuring out where we actually were) to the Skin3 salon for the launch of the EndyMed Glow and Skin Rejuventation treatments.

We had processo and canapes whilst we waited for a couple more people to arrive and then there was a reading from a lady called Rebecca Chance, out of her book that she is writing which some of it was inspired by the lovely ladies and the lovely treatments at Skin3.

We then saw a demonstration of the treatment, and some before and after pictures of clients who had had the treatment done. "The facial provides a safe and effective treatment that delivers natural, long lasting skin-rejuvenating results by stimulating the skin cells and encouraging new collagen production which ensures the skin will be taut, tight, lifted and refreshed." The results of the treatments are then enhanced by the use of the Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ Skincare and jane iredale mineral cosmetics. It's a really good treatment as there is instant results from a single treatment which can be enhanced by a course, followed by top-up treatments. It's great for skin tightening, lifting and radiance - combined with an Environ skincare facial, I can imagine it would be a dream. You can find more info about the treatment and visit Skin3's website HERE.

I had my colour match done by one of the therapists for the jane iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB cream and the pressed powder. I didn't think I was really a fan of mineral makeup because I always thought that it would be really wishywashy coverage and not much pigment in the blushers and eyeshadows  - but I was most definitely wrong. I really liked the look of the BB and the pressed powder and there was definitely full coverage and it also was really lightweight and it works really well with my Environ skincare and the Advanced Nutrition supplements that I've started taking, bonus. 
Just waiting for you, payday... again

Emily and I then had our skin looked at under the Visia machine, which looks at the underlying layers of the skin and different things such as the pigmentation, pores, wrinkles etc, and gives your skin a really good analysis where the therapist can then recommend treatments and products. I purchased the jane iredale Magic Mitt and a packet of the Skin Omegas and then Emily and I both left Skin3 armed with goody bags and our purchases. We headed back to Euston, home to Northampton, where the heavens had opened and we had parked about a bajillion miles away from the station. #brill

I had a lovely evening at the launch, seeing the new treatment in action, trying out the jane iredale mineral make-up, having the skin analysis done and meeting all of the lovely therapists and the ladies who were representing from iiaa. And I really can't wait to visit again next week!

Love, Danielle ♡
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